We can meet your needs in a wide range of areas, including the following services that we offer:

Make vehicle keys to almost all vehicles on the market today.

Make keys to locks - Lost all keys - No problem, give us a call!

Replace all types of vehicle keys and cards - No problem, give us a call!

Deal with your vehicle locksmith problems efficiently, without fuss!

Transponders Keys - No Problem, give us a call today!

Opening vehicles - without causing damage - No problem, give us a call!

Vehicle Locksmith Services

Replacement car keys, Damage free entry to vehicles, Broken key extraction, Duplication of existing car keys, car Key cutting from key number, car Keys cut to locks, car Locks made to fit car keys, Transponder key programming, Repairs to faulty locks and ignition barrels, car Keys re-chipped , car Remotes repaired, New car Remotes supplied and programmed.

Lost car, van & truck keys

If you should find yourself unlucky enough to have lost your car keys you will require our services to gain entry to your vehicle. We will need to create a car key and program the car key transponder to operate the vehicle immobiliser. We are able to carry out this service using our vehicle locksmith knowledge, vehicle entry techniques and state of the art diagnostic equipment required to carry out this type of situation.

Vehicle Lockouts

We are able to enter your vehicle using non destructive vehicle entry techniques i.e. lock picking or other methods of lock system manipulation. We are able to gain entry to most private or commercial vehicles using a mixture of the correct vehicle entry tools and the correct lock picking techniques.

Broken Vehicle Keys

Broken keys are a common occurrence in vehicle locks and this is a large part of the Vehicle locksmiths workload. This type of damage is caused by many factors and wear and tear is the most common. If you have ever bent your key in the lock and then tried to re straighten it, the chances are that this has weakened your key and will have a hairline fracture which will eventually break at the most inconvenient time. Lost car Key co will normally be able to remove the broken key using various methods and key extraction tools. Success generally depends on the type of lock system and how much of the key is still in the lock. It may be necessary to remove and strip down the lock.

Lockset Replacement

We are able to carry out complete lockset changes for your vehicle. However, it is usually more cost effective to adjust the tumblers and cut new keys and then re-program the transponders. 

Stolen Keys

If your car, van or truck keys have been stolen we can cut and programme new Transponder keys to your vehicle however this doesn’t remove the fact that the security of your vehicle has been compromised and the original keys are still out there with the possibility that the keys could be used to gain entry to your vehicle at a later date. Your vehicle and contents are still at risk!!!

If your vehicle has transponder keys, which most vehicles do from the mid 90’s, then by re programming new keys the old keys will not be recognised if tried in the ignition system, however because the keys are still cut the same then acces to the vehicle is still possible. Your contents are still at risk!!! To overcome this problem it is possible to carry out a complete lock set change or adjust the tumblers in each lock barrel to change the keyway accordingly. Your vehicle and contents are now back to the same level of protection as they were when the car left the factory!!!

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